About Bermudagetaway.com

Bermudagetaway.com is a well established Bermuda-based web site which showcases vacation rental accommodation, ranging from the affordable to the exclusive. All properties are manged by hospitable Bermudian owners who respond directly to enquiries. No taxes or fees are added to the quoted rate.  
While I, as the owner of the web site, am not responsible for the outcome of any arrangements made between property owners and guests, I am concerned that properties are represented accurately and that standards of hospitality, communication, cleanliness, fairness etc are maintained.
The number of properties listed on Bermudagetaway.com is deliberately limited. I am familiar with all of them all and have met all of the property owners face to face. Because the reputation of Bermudagetaway.com is important to me, I am concerned that high standards are met and maintained in regard to the physical condition of properties; keeping in mind, the expected relationship between rental rate and the standard of decor.
Complaints about properties which guests want to be acted on, such as refunds or rebates, must be taken up with the property owners. These circumstances are rare and often arise from mistakes or misunderstandings with respect to booked dates or disagreements over the refund of a deposit. Guests should be aware that properties are booked many months in advance and when a cancellation is received, even two or three months in advance, this represents a direct loss to the property owner. In most cases, the deposit only compensates for a fraction of that loss. Refunding a deposit defeats the purpose of having a deposit, yet most property owners do conditionally offer refunds, and their policies with respect to this matter are stated along with other policies on the respective property web pages.
As stated, complaints should be resolved with the property owners. I do not act as an intermediary. However, I do welcome reports of vacations in Bermuda which are spoilt by a substantive (not petty) bad experience at a Bermudagetaway property. Lapses inevitably happen, but properties which consistently generate complaints with respect to cleanliness, physical condition, basic hospitality and fairness are not welcome on Bermudagetaway.com.

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